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We are busy working on your Social Security disability claim. 

This is how you can help us help you: 

 Social Security periodically requires you to fill out forms listing all of your health and mental health providers and the medication you are taking. Keep a good list of all your appointments so you can fill out these forms when Social Security requires them. You can usually get a list of your medications from your pharmacy.

 Do not call us when you see your treatment provider. Instead, note the appointment on your list.

 If you would like a notebook to keep your list of treatment providers, leave Mary Kay a message with your name at 402-477-0230 Ex. 4 or by email at, and we will mail you one.

 At times, there is a lot of activity on your case, and at other times there is none. This is because there are long delays in the processing of Social Security claims. We will keep you updated on important developments in your case. If you do not hear from us, it means we are waiting for Social Security to move your case forward.

 When it is time for us to collect information or act on your behalf, we will do so and notify you. We know that inactivity and the long wait is frustrating, but we cannot speed up your case. We assure you, we are working hard on your behalf.

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