Mediation: a positive problem solving process.

For 30 years, Mary Kay has been devoted to helping families throughout Nebraska. Mary Kay and her team are dedicated to providing high-quality and compassionate assistance to you as you navigate your divorce or family law proceeding.

Mediation Guidance

Litigation may be necessary, but trials are destructive to families, and children often bear the consequences of animosity created by litigation.  As a trained mediator, Mary Kay believes that alternative dispute resolution strategies can help bring about resolutions in even the most contested and complicated family law, guardianship or divorce situation. Mediation can help the family to move forward in a positive direction.

Mary Kay provides mediation services in an effort to help families find resolutions to issues such as divorce, guardianship, property division, alimony, paternity, custody, and parenting plans.  Mediation allows the interested parties to explore options and seek out a mutually agreed upon resolution with the assistance of a neutral mediator experienced in family law.

Throughout mediation, Mary Kay will work with you to ensure that your session stays focused on the issues, moves in the direction of an amicable resolution, and that your voice is heard. Family dynamics can be challenging and Mary Kay supports the involvement of family members, counselors, and attorneys to the extent the parties to the mediation agree.

Detailed Assistance

Mary Kay litigated divorce and custody cases for over 25 years and she will bring that experience to your family law mediation.  Mary Kay’s guidance through your mediation is designed to help you find resolutions to the various issues relating to your family law matter, including:

  • Divorce mediation (with or without an attorney);
  • Property division and equitable distribution (division of debts and assets);
  • Child custody and support;
  • Spousal support/alimony;
  • Parenting Plans;
  • Guardianships.

Positive Problem Solving Process

Mary Kay can assist you with your do-it-yourself divorce by drafting the agreements you reach in mediation so that you may submit them to court.  Mary Kay can answer questions about the divorce process but does not provide legal or financial advice.  Mary Kay does not serve as an attorney and she recommends you obtain legal and financial guidance and advice from professionals of your choosing.

Mary Kay’s experience in the courtroom coupled with her mediation training give her the ability to offer the insight you need to understand what you can expect from your proceedings and your options for finding resolutions.

Contact Mary Kay’s office online, or call 402-477-0230, to discuss your mediation.

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